The cornerstone of the First Baptist Church was laid in 1825, though Baptists had been in the Framingham area for more than 50 years by that time. After the revivals in 1814–1815, the Baptists decided to build a new house of worship, which was completed in 1826. In 1854, 20 members left First Baptist Church to join other Baptists in South Framingham and Ashland as they began worship in South Framingham at a newly built church, which would become known as Park Street Baptist Church.
The two congregations had a similar history of outreach to the community and mission to the world. They sponsored missionaries in foreign lands and served those in need in Framingham. In the 1950s, First Baptist Church sponsored 3 families from Hungary, and in the 1970s, Park Street Baptist Church sponsored a Chinese family from Burma.

In 1998, due to dwindling membership and increasing financial obligations, the members of Park Street Baptist Church began to worship together with members of the First Baptist Church. In 2002, the merger was formalized and the two congregations became one.

Today, the First Baptist Church in Framingham, located across route 9 from Framingham State College, is a beacon in this community of worship, education, and mission. We are creating new ministries and becoming involved in new outreach programs as we seek to share the message of God’s love through Jesus Christ with the Town of Framingham and beyond.