Pastor's Message, continued
Jason Rutherford As we approach the House of God today, we too might be deterred along the journey. Certainly, we suffer from natural disasters, illness, war, and at times, personal ambivalence. These do not have to be permanent obstacles. When we believe, whole-heartedly, that our lives depend totally on uniting with Holy and Creator God, we will become encouraged and skilled at overcoming any obstacle that might otherwise deter us from worship. Further-more, we do not journey alone. Although it is painful to see the havoc in people’s lives that storms, political upheaval, and spiritual desolation can bring, we are also presented with an opportunity to help one another. We have opportunities to lend our hands, our hearts, and our willingness that no person be left in the valley of thirst and desolation, but rather be lifted and strengthened so that he or she might also have an opportunity to give adoration in the House of the Lord.

My encouragement today is that we all take time to ask what might prevent us from taking a drink of living water and then be willing to ask for help in overcoming any obstacle. My encouragement for each of us today also is that we consider lending our hands, our hearts, and our lives to help people who are left out so that all may be renewed in the Holiness of God. First Baptist Church is a House of Worship, a place for service, and a congrega-tion of people bonded together who believe in the power of God. Be encouraged that there is no obstacle that can-not be overcome through the Holiness of God.

Meet Rev. Jason Rutherford

The Reverend Jason Rutherford came to First Baptist Church in 2011 and has been affiliated with the American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts since 2004. A native of Jackson, Mississippi, Jason graduated from Mississippi College,and later attended Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Jason earned a Master of Divinity from Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, Virginia, and after moving to Massachusetts attended The Learning Center for the Deaf in Framingham where he became proficient in American Sign Language. Jason has served The American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts as President of the board as well as being active with Churches Covenanting for Transformation and Change initiative. Jason served with the Good Samaritan Mission Council in LaRomana, Dominican Republic, and later served on the board of Family Promise Metrowest.  

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